On-Line Backup Solution

Secure Backups is an on-line backup solution for all home computers, notebooks, and an essential component of well managed server based enterprise. Secure Backups is a full featured backup solution uniquely designed to deliver secure, dependable off-site backups via the Internet.

Secure Backups is the most advanced, easy to use backup technology in the industry, backed by a 100% unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee, supported by highly trained and qualified technicians.

Data management has evolved greatly in the past few years in reaction to increased security threats, privacy legislation and fiscal reporting problems. Secure Backups makes it possible for businesses who are subjected to such stringent regulations to comply with ease on any data backup and storage requirements of HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley, Oxley, SEC, and Sarbanes-NASD legislative bodies.

Its Easy:  

First your files are zipped and encrypted with a uniquely defined encryption key before they are transferred via an SSL connection to one of our Secure Backup server vaults. The data contained in these encrypted files are inaccessible and useless to anyone with out the unique encryption key, known only to the user. As an extra layer of security, restoration of data files can be restricted by the IP address of the data's origin.

Our backup wizard creates and schedules backups of all your data requirements

  • Files
  • Folders
  • System State
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • MS Exchange

Completely automatic, no tapes to change, no tape drives to clean, virtually no management required at all? After every backup a comprehensive, easy to read backup report is automatically emailed to you for review, detailing the success of your scheduled backup.

Secure Backups uses the same security safeguards employed by on-line banking institutions to secure your data. We can not see the information being transferred, nor can anyone else. 

Your encrypted files are tunneled directly to our servers protected by a unique encryption key selected by you, the user and are virtually inaccessible without it. It's very important to remember your key.

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Join the growing list of organizations currently using Secure Backups.
Fully Automated No administration Required.
Send data off site to secure data center Reduces work load.
Eliminate negligence Easy to deploy and maintain.
Saves money and time Run your backup automatically at night.
Receive morning backup report via email.
Access your data anywhere, anytime.

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