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Natural disasters, fires, floods, viruses, physical server drive failures; significant risks to your critical data can come without warning. With new stringent federal regulations in place, financial advisor's need to be vigilant in choosing the data protection plan to protect their invaluable data.

Secure Backups makes it simple to safeguard your data and keep compliant with new security and privacy regulations. Our online off-site backup system is totally automated using 128 Bit SSL data transfers to ensure your backup files are always available 24/7 in any event of a disaster.

Data remains in an encrypted format from transfer to storage insuring the security of the data and restore access is restricted to authorized users with an encrypted key.

Traditional backup tapes are vulnerable to aging, heat and moisture, compromising storage strategies for retrieval of data intended to be archived for years. Secure Backups data facility is designed to effectively store and retrieve data for an indefinite period of time without the risks associated to traditional backup solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% compliance with all security regulations and federal privacy acts
  • Eliminate inconsistent performance issues associated to traditional backup media
  • Data is fully encrypted during the transfer and storage process
  • Our software provides for both local and remote secure backups
  • Automated backups and reporting of successful, unsuccessful, incomplete, or failed transfers
  • Complete audit trail documentation
  • Guaranteed complete recovery of all backed up data
  • Digitally amass limitless amounts of data in a secure convenient, redundant location
  • Friendly personalized service by qualified technicians


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Fully Automated No administration Required.
Send data off site to secure data center Reduces work load.
Eliminate negligence Easy to deploy and maintain.
Saves money and time Run your backup automatically at night.
Receive morning backup report via email.
Access your data anywhere, anytime.

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