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Personal medical information is kept confidential by healthcare facilities by adhering to federal HIPAA regulations on the secure storage of all medical data associated to any individual.

Secure Backups is a cost effective, scalable online secure data solution that's 100% compliant with all HIPAA regulations and provides real-time automated protection of your vital data.

Secure Backups fully encrypts data prior to the online transfer to the point of restoration, this ensures that no person or employee of Secure Backups has access to confidential patient information during or after the backup process.

Upon completion on an online data transfer the data is in turn stored in yet another redundant server facility to guarantee full restoration of data in the event of human error, server failure or a natural disaster. Secure Backups delivers to Health Care Facilities a state of the art secure off-site data management solution that fully compliant with strict industry regulations.

Data restoration is only accessible by individuals authorized by the healthcare facility who possess logon credentials and the de-encryption key password. Easy secure access to immediate data restorations protects Doctors from data loss or corruption cause by unexpected data disasters.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% compliance with HIPPA regulations privacy and storage regulations
  • Instant access to audit logs providing date stamps with user identity
  • Full encryption of data throughout entire backup process
  • Data is fully encrypted during the transfer and storage process
  • Our software provides for both local and remote secure backups
  • Automated backups and reporting of successful, unsuccessful, incomplete, or failed transfers
  • Complete audit trail documentation
  • Guaranteed complete recovery of all backed up data
  • Digitally amass limitless amounts of data in a secure convenient, redundant location
  • Synchronize storage between multiple Healthcare Facilities

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