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Law firms often deal with sensitive data and their clients expect a high standard of information security and confidentiality. Since the passing of the SOX Act of 2002, there is an increased expectation of secured data conformity of Law firms, as numerous business sectors such as government agencies, finance and healthcares, which are served by law firms - must now conform with tough federal regulations pertaining to sensitive data. Law firms must now meet industry regulations to continue serving these industries and ensue that client information is protected and completely secure.

Secure Backups online backup solution is a fully compliant storage facility that will empower your firm to guarantee the security of sensitive client data. Data is compressed and encrypted before being transferred online. Multiple encrypted copies are stored in separate redundant storage facilities. Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly with any office infrastructure without any hardware investments. Data synchronize between multiple branches is made easy. Our user selectable automated scheduled backups work around your schedule providing backups every 15 minutes, every month what ever suits our needs at a time that's convenient for you.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Compliance with SOX regulations
  • Data is fully encrypted during the transfer and storage process
  • Automated backups and reporting of successful, unsuccessful, incomplete, or failed transfers
  • Guaranteed complete recovery of all backed up information
  • Secure Backups online data transfers are performed on your schedule
  • Totally scalable to meet any of your storage requirements sectors


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Fully Automated No administration Required.
Send data off site to secure data center Reduces work load.
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