Secure Online Backups 

No Worries - Just fast and effective management of your priceless data.


Guaranteed Best Backup Solution Ever:

  • Completely Automated
  • Easy to setup Easy to maintain
  • Virtually No Administration Required
  • Eliminate End User Negligence
  • Easy to backup Easy to Restore, no special training required
  • Schedule backups as often as you want and need
  • On demand, fast data recovery anytime, anywhere via the Internet
  • Detailed reports emailed daily on the status of your online backups
  • 100% Secure - 128 bit encryption
  • Off-site data storage in our state of the art secure facility
  • Fully Redundant Data Servers mirrored to second location in case of physical disaster

    Experience the Difference Today - 30 Day Free Trial

Speed & Reliability:

Secure Backups state of the art remote backup solution utilizes delta file processing, allowing you to restore any file to any point in time Delta file processing backs up data files that have changed at a bit level, verses backing up the entire file. Only changed portions of files are included. This technology dramatically reduces the size of daily backup file being transferred; approximately 1 MB for every GB of total data storage is transferred on a daily backup.
ie: 1GB Total Storage = 1MB Daily delta file backup

Completely Automated:

Set it and forget it. That right, itís that simply, once scheduled Secure Backups run automatically every night followed up by a comprehensive email verification of its success.

Intelligent Reporting:

If you re not sure, be sure! Secure Backups online system delivers a detailed electronic audit trail automatically emailed direct to you after every job. Backups without verification are more often than not - Useless. When failure is not an option choose an online backup solution from Secure Backups.

Off-Site & Safe:

If your data is not off-site - it's not safe! Secure Backups online backup solution transfers your data automatically to our secure redundant data facility protecting your critical information from hardware failures, viruses, fire, theft, flooding and you can restore data anytime, anywhere 24/7 . Guaranteed.

Tapes are Not Secure!

A proper backup solution mandates that the data be stored off-site. Traditional media solutions require tapes to be physically removed from the building. In transport the media is exposed to physical damage, data corruption and potential theft.

Data transfers with Secure Backups are indeed that - Secure. Sign up Today. 

Cost Effective Scalable Solution:

Tape drives, tapes, software, installation - it all costs money. Business data storage requirements continually increase and the cost of high capacity tape drives are prohibitively expensive, whereas our cost per/GB goes down as your needs go up. The tape drive you invested in yesterday will not meet your needs tomorrow.

Invest your money today in a scalable online backup solution from Secure Backups.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

  • NT, Server 2000, 2003
  • Windows XP, ME,  98, 95
  • MAC OS X
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • Any platform supporting Java2
  • No hardware or software to purchase
  • Software updates Free of Charge


Enterprise Level Support for all your Data

  • Users files and Folders
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003
  • Oracle Databases
  • Lotus Dominos Notes 5.0 & Above


Rocket Fast Restores:

By the time it takes to catalogue a tape you need to restore, your files could have already been downloaded from our secure off-site facility. For example: a 680 Mb file transferred over a DSL client connection takes approximately 40 minutes to restore. (Results may vary dependant on your ISP)

Minutes not Hours!   Sign up for a FREE Trial today. 

No Maintenance Fees:

No upfront costs for expensive hardware, software and supplies.
No ongoing consumable costs.
No tape drive maintenance costs or IT support time.

Online Backup - A Better Choice Now and for the Future. 

Enterprise Level Support:

Secure Backups supports the backup of all files including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL Databases. Our multi server OS platform compatibly makes Secure Backups the premier online backup solution. Sign up Today! 


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Fully Automated No administration Required.
Send data off site to secure data center Reduces work load.
Eliminate negligence Easy to deploy and maintain.
Saves money and time Run your backup automatically at night.
Receive morning backup report via email.
Access your data anywhere, anytime.

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