Restore Options

Full restores are always directly available. Data can be restored to the original machine or any machine that has been authenticated to accept the data.  Our backup administrative console is easy to operate, effectively managing your entire restore processes of local and remote servers, notebooks and workstations. For example: a 680 Mb file transferred over a DSL client connection takes approximately 40 minutes to restore. (Results may vary dependant on your ISP)

  • Instant & online
  • FREE online restores
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Technical support if you need assistance

Secure Backups uses the same security safeguards employed by on-line banking institutions to secure your data. We can not see the information being transferred, nor can anyone else. Your encrypted files are tunneled directly to our servers protected by a unique encryption key selected by you, the user and are virtually inaccessible without it. It's very important to remember your key.

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Join the growing list of organizations currently using Secure Backups.
Fully Automated No administration Required.
Send data off site to secure data center Reduces work load.
Eliminate negligence Easy to deploy and maintain.
Saves money and time Run your backup automatically at night.
Receive morning backup report via email.
Access your data anywhere, anytime.

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